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The Rise of His Heir
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let_it_end is a role-play community dedicated to high quality writing. If you can hold a pen, and move it in an agreeable manner, WE WANT YOU. Please feel free to audition by filling out the form below and e-mailing it to me.


1. List of Taken Roles
2. The Moderators and their duties
3. The Three Commandments
4. Auditioning
5. Electives
6. Ratings
7. The Quidditch Point System
8. The Time Frame
9. The Calendars
10. Other Stuff

Our scene is set at a school called Hogwarts, in the year 1942, where a student named Tom Riddle is plotting things, and the it's just a matter of time before the chamber is opened.

The following is a list of all taken roles:

The Hero/Villain – Tom Riddle
The Best Friend/Lying plotting opportunistic pureblood – Jereth Nettesheim
The Murderous Girlfriend – Acacia Davenport
The Young Gun – Brian Durga
The Nemesis – Lucifer Faustus (yes, his name is Lucifer)
The Pretentious Know-it-All – Minerva McGonagall
The Animal Freak – Rubeus Hagrid
The Hufflepuff Hunk – Lucas Baileys
The screwball Alchemist – Bryce Kipler
The Airhead – Julie McCourt
The Pissy Mudblood – Trisha Garrison
The Stoner – Kyle Watims
The Snooping Auror – Alastor Moody
The Mentor – Headmaster Dippet
The Sexy Nurse – Poppy Pomfrey
The Kinky Doctor – Walter Frindlemire
The Crazy Old Man – Professor Crockshanks
The Midget – Professor Flitwick
The Smart One – Avitus Malfoy
The Good Guy – Professor Dumbledore

Student Stats

(If I left anyone off.... inform me, it wasn't intentional)

If you can think of any book roles we've left off, please feel free to audition them, and if you can think of any original/clever character ideas audition them, and if you can make them either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw that would be AWESOME. Those houses are seriously lacking.

The Moderators are as follows:


As Moderators we....

...reserve the right to remove ANYONE we see fit from this role play, without giving any kind of reason or explination.
So there.
Any moderator can nominate any player for expulsion at any time. The nomination is then put to a full moderator vote, which will be done anonymously, away from the full role playing body.

...reserve the right to criticize ANYTHING written on the site.
This means anything from poorly thought through plot lines to straight out bad writing to plain emo-ness (and believe us, we will).

...reserve the right to congratulate anyone who ROCKS.

...take on the responsibility of keeping track of storylines.

...take on the responsibility of holding ALL players to ALL rules and commandments.

...take on the responsibility of controlling the cheese.
We just do.

Now, before joining us, please read the following rules so that we aren't forced to scold you later:


1. Thou shalt not kill without permission from the player or a moderator.

Your character cannot kill another character without first obtaining permission to do so, for obvious reasons.

3. Thou shalt not Power Play without permission.
You cannot control another character or speak for another character without first obtaining permission from the character's player.

3. Thou shalt not be almighty.
Your character can't magically control everything in the universe, hurt a million people at once, etc. etc.

All three of these offences can be punishable by expulsion, depending on the scale at which they were committed.


If you wish to audition as a student, please fill out the audition form. If you wish to audition as an adult fill out the form, and if we, the moderators, see fit we will put you through a separate set of adult auditions. This is simply to ensure the quality of teachers, aurors and adults in general. Some writers are simply not prepared to take on adult roles. It isn't an insult, it's a fact.

The Form

Character Name:
Character LiveJournal:
Year in School:
Birth Date:
Sexual Orientation:
Back Story:
Elective Classes (3rd years and up only):
Audition Passage:

The Back Story doesn't have to be lengthy, but should explain roughly the character's childhood, and anything important that occurred there in.

The Audition Passage should be NO MORE THAN A PAGE IN LENGTH. If you can't prove to us that you rock in one page... we're not wasting our time.

Once received, Auditions will be posted on the main community journal and voted on by Moderators and ONLY MODERATORS.

Make sure that auditions are written in html format. If you want a section in italics please use appropriate tags. I WILL NOT ADD THEM IN FOR YOU. Also make sure that there is a space between each paragraph. This just makes it easier to read.

E-mail auditions to me at JMPeters05@yahoo.com, or June.Peters@gmail.com, or you can e-mail them to any other Moderator.

Elective List

(3rd and up)
Muggle Studies (suggested class for prospective Aurors)
Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures

(6th and 7th only)
Corpus Morphi (required class for prospective Aurors)
Sixth (required class for prospective Aurors)
Filio Magika (requires parent permission slip if under 17 years of age)
Home Ec.
Transpsyche Philosophe

The Rating System

Out of courtesy to other players we ask you to please supply ratings for your journal entries. We also ask that you be sure nothing rated higher than PG-13 be put in a main journal OUTSIDE of an lj-cut. Ratings should be placed in the subject area of the journal, and should be immediately altered if a thread under the journal goes south. Help us protect the innocent (a.k.a. Pat)

The Quidditch Points

explanation of the points

established – III
members – II
practice – III
writing skill --
spirit –
because I said so --
total – 8

established – II
members – I
practice – IIIII
writing skill --
spirit –
because I said so --
total – 8

established – II
members – II
practice – IIII
writing skill --
spirit –
because I said so -- II
total – 10

established – I
members – II
practice – IIII
writing skill --
spirit –
because I said so --
total – 7

The Time Frame

Every day in our time equals two days in Riddle time. Please consult the calendar.

Other Calendars

The calendars below outline the Quidditch schedule and all other scheduled school events including hogsmede weekends and the like.



Other Random Stuff I Feel Obliged to Mention

Please stay true to both the plot and the time period. Don't use technology, slang, or fashions that are ahead of their time. It's the 40s, please act as such.

Also, when making icons, try to use actors who have been in appropriate period pieces so that your icons can look like they belong.

DON'T Mary Sue. There will be NO Mary Sue-ing on this sight.

Leave your pride at home. Be willing to accept criticisms as help, not insult. We mean well, we promise.

Only Moderators, Teachers, Head girl and Head boy are allowed to post on the main. That's just the way it is. If you have something you want posted up there, inform me or one of the other moderators and they will post it for you (giving due respect, of course).

HAVE FUN! I command it.