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May. 11th, 2005

07:39 am

Okay, here's what we're going to do. It just so happens that the first quidditch match of the year will be on the day of the line party for Star Wars III. So, there's two options:

In the event that every member of both teams is going to the party (note that the two teams are hufflepuff and gryffindor) we can write the game there in a notebook and type it up later. Everyone is, of course, invited, you simply have to buy a ticket to the movie.

If not everyone is there, we will postpone it until that friday (because thursday I'm going up to LA with my sister).



(Also, I've been banned from my computer on weekdays... so... my posting will become a bit scarce... it already was... but it will become more so. Apologies my dear ones.)

May. 6th, 2005

09:40 am - MAY


clicky clickyCollapse )


A match is coming up. If you wish to change your fate (because, yes, we already know the winner) email or IM me with a formal request for change. Thank you.

May. 4th, 2005

03:51 pm

What the fuck is wrong with you people!


AJA & LAUREN: we need to write an after the chamber was opened bit, because the world is moving on, as you can see from the TWO POSTS Pat has already made. *twitch* *twitch*

Please... really... We need to finish this.

Apr. 30th, 2005

03:32 pm

I've just posted Chapter Two in my journal. Please read and tell me what I've missed.

08:31 am


Didn't I tell you to write a birthday post?

Until you write a birthday post, I can't write a chamber post, unless you want me to skim over it?


>_< .

Apr. 25th, 2005

08:38 pm

I'm about to go to bed, but I've just had a discussion with the headmaster and I--Dumbledore--shall now be in charge of keeping track of house points. All teachers my deduct house points (if they have plausible reasons). Please report deductions to me. I'll keep track of it. Also, I've decided to give Hufflepuff 50 points... mostly because Pat posts like a mad man, and no one else does. So... if you post regularly, you will be rewarded. GET ON IT!

On another note: the chamber opens this friday. Where will you be?

Oh, and happy b-day Minerva.

Apr. 19th, 2005

05:46 pm - New Info, tell me what I missed

New InfoCollapse )

Apr. 18th, 2005

07:48 pm - THE QUIDDITCH POINT SYSTEM required reading for ALL quidditch players (especially captains)

Here's the score. As Dumbledore, and self-appointed head of the Quidditch department I've set up what I call the Quidditch point system. Basically this is our way of deciding who wins each game. So, as perverse as this is going to seem to you all, it WILL BE KNOWN prior to the game who is going to win. The point of writing the game isn't to find out who's going to win the game it's to get points and work towards future victories. Points are given to each team (by me). These points fall into five categories:

Established Points -- Points that are synonymous with the house. Sorry, it's just a fact that Slytherin is known to by talented and ruthless on the field, Gryffindors are brave and thus willing to do crazy stunts, Ravenclaws are clever and better at coming up with battle plans.

Member Points -- Each player on the team adds points. This is to encourage team captains to do some recruiting.

Practice Points -- Teams get points for every practice they hold. (You don't actually have to write these practices, just schedule them and act like they happened)

Writing Points -- Writing points are given after every game. You get points after the games when the Mods critique the over all effect of the written game. There are three kinds of points that can be given here:

POSTER POINTS -- Each post done by a player on your team wins you a point.

STYLE POINTS -- Points based on writing style of each poster. (NOTE: this category is win or lose. While your team may lose the game they can still win in the style section, which means they have the most talented writers. If you win you get added points, if you lose you get negative points. This is to discourage the adding of players to a team just because you want member points. And if you have players who don't post at all in the game it's automatic negative points. This is the only section where you can get negative points.)

CREATIVITY POINTS-- This is for if you come up with a play or something the like that is particularly clever.

Spirit Points -- Every now and then Teachers will post "notices" asking you to show your spirit. Depending on the number of posts from your house members (quidditch players and spectators alike), you will be given points.

Then there's the SPECIAL BONUS POINT, given to teams with a seeker. (It's just easier to win with a seeker on your team, sorry)


So, as far as auditions go, they will be open ended. You can always add new members to the team (until the team is filled and then you can have alternates which can be used in case one character's player is ill or away from the computer at the time of the game).

07:41 pm

Okay.... since there don't seem to be any complaints, I'm ready to post the madness onto Fanfiction. Only thing is... I don't know who's account it's going to on Fanfiction. Anti-X yo?

I want to put it up myself... not because i'm a selfish witch or anything, but because I have plans for the story summary. mmmmyes....plans....

So, If Anti-X yo is the spot let me know.

Please and Thank you.

Apr. 16th, 2005

07:02 pm

This post is mainly a recap of all the other posts I've put up today, because I want to be sure that everyone understands.

Okay, here's the gist of it.

Everyone should look through the following calendars, particularly the OOC calendar. The OOC calendar will tell you what day you are to post what event. The IC calendar mostly tells you about Hogsmede weekends and Birthdays and Quidditch Practice, but is all summed up in the OOC calendar as well. PLEASE INFORM ME IF ANY BIRTHDAYS HAVE BEEN LEFT OUT, or if you're a Quidditch Captain, and for some odd reason want something changed in the practice line up.

CalendarsCollapse )

All calendars are also posted in the Info

Aside from the calendars we have the character list which is as follows:

character listCollapse )

If any characters are missing or if any information is incorrect PLEASE TELL ME.

Finally, I've edited together the events that occur before the beginning of the school year. Please read and tell me if I've left anything out. I did leave some things out because they were unimportant to the main plot, but if you know of an entry or audition that you think should be in there TELL ME. I want to be sure before I start posting it elsewhere. I plan on using this as a kind of advertisment for the roleplay.





Please let me know what's going on, I'm here to help.

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